I recently graduated from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College where I studied for my degree in Fine Art. 


I believe art provides the space to look beyond the one track normative frameworks of thinking; it invites its viewer to look closer, presenting the opportunity to go from seeing to seeing differently. My work focuses on the subject of identity, exploring gender, the body and sexuality. Through my artwork, I invite my audience to bring into question what they are looking at. I encourage viewers to go against instinctive biases such as individual tastes and expectations and introduce an opportunity for the breaching of habits, inviting them to look upon the work and make a discovery.


By not being open to progression or modifying our understanding of what is considered the norm, we risk living in a repressed and stagnant world, clinging onto information that has served its limited purpose and that we are now unable to see beyond.


Exploration of 'the self', led me to embrace parts of myself I had lost over time, buried or not yet discovered. I first focused on the exterior, how we dress and present ourselves through our clothing, how we hide our skin -  playing out the roles I felt connected too on a daily basis. This theme then guided me to question how I felt internally, having allowed myself to explore beyond my assigned femininity, I unveiled my masculinity. I found myself questioning my own gender, having always struggled with the normative tick boxes of what this meant, I asked myself what this means to me. My following work came out of my research into this subject. It had become clear that not every individual can fully identify with the normalised gender standards deemed appropriate by society. Research suggests that over a third of people experience themselves as identifying at least somewhat differently to the gender they were hegemonically assigned at birth.​


These lessons encouraged me to research the subject of normativity and the contradictions within the term, my current work reflecting all the discussed concepts combined. I hope to attract individuals who are open to confronting internal issues caused by the detrimental ingraining of heteronormative expectations.



I hope you enjoy your time browsing, feel free to get in touch via the contact page for general inquiries!